Vape is an alternative to cigarettes. It is a modern and stylish way to smoke. Generally, the vape consists of three parts cartridge, pod, and battery. The cartridge is its first part which swims in flavour and releases the smoke. You can use any flavour as they are available in the market.  

This cartridge is highly sensitive, and its life is only a month. Hence, it requires great care to keep it safe and fresh. 

Vape cartridge boxes provide that protection to it. This vape cartridge packaging is mostly made of hard material because it has to ensure safety to the cartridge. Therefore, the manufacturer companies of packaging use high-quality material for its packaging. 

Furthermore, there are other benefits and uses of the vape cartridge packaging about which we will talk in the following text.

Why Design and Printing are Essential for Vape Cartridge Boxes?

As vape is the item of the modern age, therefore, its packaging must be colourful and jovial. It should have some designs and patterns which point towards the vape. The colour scheme must be dark and dense. For instance, black and red are generally used in their designs. As these colours are dense and give a serious look that a smoker wants. 

Moreover, the design can have patterns of smoke or anything like that. So that when the smoker is vaping, he can feel the real essence of this activity. Then he will feel the pleasure of leaving cigarettes and starting vaping. Therefore, the packaging of vape cartridges plays a vital role in providing satisfaction to the smoker. 

In addition to that, one can add flavour pictures in its designs. Along with that, the general instructions to use it, clean it and keep it safe must be printed on them. 

Which Printing Method is Suitable? 

At present times, there are various printing methods which are being used in the field of packaging. Any of them can be used for custom vape cartridge boxes. The list has digital printing, flexography printing and offset printing. All these printing techniques are suitable for the printing of boxes for cartridges.

However, if you want bulk printing, then to go for offset printing as it is less costly for bulk printing. On the other hand, for short printing, digital printing method is useful. 

High-Quality Material Plays a Significant Role in Keeping the Cartridge Protected

The material has important stature in the packaging of vape cartridges. The most used material is cardstock. It is hard and flexible both at a single time. It can keep the glass made cartridge safe in the packaging. So that the buyer can get the original piece without any blemishes. 

Furthermore, it is best as it can be mould in any style and form. That is very convenient for vape packaging. Hence, the packaging companies mostly use cardstock for its packaging, and the cartridge manufacturers also demand this one.

Various Styles of Cartridge Boxes

Vape cartridge packaging can be got in any style of packaging. But the best one is the tuck-end style. You can use straight tuck-end or reverse tuck-end in the packaging. 

Moreover, you can also get them in auto-lock tuck-end. Yet tuck end style is the best for this specific packaging.

Vape Cartridge Packaging as an Advertising Tool!

Many companies use vape cartridge packaging as their marketing tool. They print their brand logos on them. In this way, the customer easily recognizes that this cartridge belongs to its favourite brand or not. 

Ultimately, he will buy the cartridge as it is from is the favoured brand. Contrary to that, if your packaging has not the logo printing, then he could leave the packaging. Hence, the cartridge packaging act as an advertising tool.

The End

The pith and marrow of the above discussion take us to the result that the vape cartridge boxes are highly essential in all the ways. It keeps the delicate cartridge safe and protected. It bears the instruction on it. Moreover, it acts as an advertising tool. Hence, in all ways, it is significantly vital.